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브레이징 Plate Heat Exchanger는 지금껏 발전된 열교환기중 가장 컴팩트한 형태의 열교환기중 하나입니다. 이 열교환기의 열전달 원리는 판형열교환기와 동일하나 Sealing 및 유체분배는 판형열교환기에서의 Gasket 역할을 대신하여 Copper & Nickel Welding 기술이 도입된 제품입니다.

초소형 (Compact)
고효율 (High Heat Transfer performance)
경제성 (Economical in Cost)
- Plate Material : Stainless Steel, Nickel
- Cover Plate and Connections : Stainless Steel, Nickel
- Brazing Materials : 99.9% Copper, Nickel
- Design Pressure : 30kg/cm2 (Vacuum)
- Test Pressure : 40kg/cm2
- Temperature : -195℃ ~ 225℃
- Evaporators and Condensers in Chillers and Heat Pumps
- Heating Floors and Hot Water Tapping in District Heating System
- Fluid Isolation of Solar Energy System
- Hot Water Generators in Steam Application
General Industrial Application
  - Oil Cooling of Hydraulic System
- Water Cooling of Molding machines, Induction Furances and Plastic Injection Machines
- Heat Recovery System
- Heating and Cooling in Food Processing Industries